Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 Trends in Earrings

Super major fashion icons such as Givenchy, Prada, Chanel, Tom Ford, and Etro sometimes (well- always can be the best word) tells you what to wear and what not to wear. If you do not want to keep your money and instead spend it all you want, you can buy directly from these designer brands. But if money’s an issue, you might want to wait for fashion inspirations few weeks after the fashion show.

So what is the latest trend in earrings design? Vogue give us a glimpse of what’s in store for fashion fanatics and wannabes.

Art School Earring

Yes, these are like cut out paper arts, imagine your sketches of mask, trees, houses or perhaps arts from shapes of the future, graphics, lines, and inspirations from the arts of the great painter from the Renaissance era. Street graphic arts can be part of these line of earrings and the use of organic and innovative products is just overly awesome. The point is you make a statement and go bare with your makeup or plain dress. The focus will be your art earrings. So flaunt it!

Minerals and Crystal Earring

This can be a sample of dangle earrings. As the name implies, it hangs, drops, or dangles from your earlobes and sways in every movement. Like when flipping your hair every time you see your beloved or when it is windy outside. The design can be a circle or any shape that you prefer. It is attached to the ears using a French hook made of thin wires.

For minerals and crystal earring especially the “uncut version’ requires an attitude to dare use this latest trend in earring design. Minerals and raw stones, cut in unique manner or maybe “as it is” making it look like uncut is what makes this peculiar. It is can be a combination of stones and golden wires. Some can use crystals with a promise of healing and renewed energy or maybe lucky stone charms to welcome year 2017 a resounding bang!

Fantasy Ear Cuff

This can be a form of huggy earrings that is securely placed in your ears. The common shape can be heart, round or oval.

Are you a fan of the trilogy Lord of the Rings? Or maybe in your younger years (yes – admit it) that you love watching Tinkerbell (and the 7 Dwarfs – just kidding!) You notice the ears right? Looking at Legolas played by Orlando Bloom (he’s taken – ladies) makes you giddy. Well that’s what fantasy ear cuff looks like. It can be made of stones, gold, or silver. Or in a shape of a flower or just one stone – diamond, or emerald. But not the heavy one of course. You do not want your ears drop (to the floor – yeah that’s extreme).

Single Huge Earring

This can be a form of drop earrings. One word to describe this type of design. Single. One. Only. Oversized. Huge. Mono. You can have a fabric, a feather, or wires. Like it is attached using a rubber band like cord. Its length touches your shoulder. It matches well with a monochrome outfit. If you are adventurous and want to have an impact in your fashion style, try this trend.

Or if you prefer to be more classic, you can use a mix of charms, pearl or gold – still a single huge earring.

Faux Fine Earrings

These are classic types of earrings. It can be chandelier types and the design goes back to Baroque styles and the likes. It can be layered with diamonds or precious stones. If you are invited to be part of Miss Universe 2017 in the Philippines, use faux fine design earrings and walk the aisle with elegance and pride.

Hybrid Earrings

It looks like a single French hoop earrings that extends from one ear to another and serves as a necklace as well. Or a charm hoop earrings with dangling gemstones, pearls, or diamonds touching your neck. It can be elaborately designed with precious stones and crystals of your choice. It claims to be futuristic in style, madly and creative done, and is fashion forward.

Crucifix Earrings

This is a celebrated (in some extent) jewellry style and what the talented Madonna personalized and famously (with a little controversy – Google if you want) worn in her concert in the 90’s. This design can be a form of drop earrings where the cross is studded with precious stones that makes it dangle. Or made with sterling silver which makes it lighter to wear.

Which one is for you?

A jewelry like a basic pair of Tassel earrings can complete your look in any season. Only if you know when to wear, how to wear, and when will you use the earring – regardless of price and design always choose what complements your personality. There are a wide variety of earrings that you can choose from, online stores carry a good number of these earrings, just choose the site that is safe for purchases and offers the best value for your hard earned money.

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