Archery is one of the most sophisticated sports. Anyone can just learn basketball, train for swimming and join a marathon but not everybody can learn Archery . There two reasons for that, first, it is not that accessible to the crowd and second the materials are just too expensive, you can never handle and train with a bow and arrow without a fat check.

Bows were once just made out of bended sticks but now it’s a little more complicated than that. The modern archery has two tools, a Bow and an Arrow, the modern bow that we usually see today in television while watching Olympics, with all the pulleys, wires, and iron shaft , that is called a COMPOUND BOW.
A compound bow uses the power of levering system that is usually made possible by the cables , wires and pulleys to bend and maneuver the limbs.
The levering system gives a world of advantage to the archer because of its mechanical prowess, this makes the bow stiffer and more desirable to place and shoot an arrow compared to that of a recurve bow or longbow (traditional bows made from wood or stick).

The Pros of using a Compound Bow:
Like our ever changing world, these bows also had evolved from its lowly state thanks to technology. This advancement allowed Holles Wilbur Allen, an inventor who developed the compound bow by fusing in pulleys to a recurve bow which resulted to a perfect arrow “let-off”(releasing of arrow). This innovation in sports became known to many making its demand radically increase to open country hunters and archery enthusiasts.
Unlike the original recurve bows or longbows, the compound bow comes in a whole package. You must purchase the add ons that goes with your bow so you will not be wasting time and effort looking for the lacking parts separately.
Here below is the list of the must have that goes with the compound bow package:
Peep sight: this accesory enables the wielder to look into the target with an enhance focus. This is the tool you see attached to the bowstring.

Hip Quiver: This is the tool you see on the movies, the “bag-like” compartment usually attached on the archers hip, every compound bows have this.

Stabilizer: from the word stabilize, this tool is used as the minimizer of dynamic movements. This tool will enable you to focus your arrow lay off even when you are in the midst of a hot pursuit with your target.

Nook loop: this is used to help you release the arrow very conveniently.

Compound bows are designed and engineered for optimum performance. You can tell that it is a world apart with the traditional bows. Its momentum (strength and speed) is now credited primarily on its technology. Although its ultimate purpose is to make archery more convenient, it will still take skills, training, accuracy, confidence and strength in order for a wielder to successfully hit his target.
Bows are no magic, it is just a weapon, an accessory, a tool, that needs a master. If you are interested to enter the world of archery then go for it but remember, it will be through your determination and action that an arrow will land to its target.

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