Systematically ensured monitor and cameras

There are four modules: the first three deal with organisation,
general operation and management. The forth is a corporate module that describes Group
These documents are available to everyone concerned. A computerised flow chart explains
what each individual component does and how it fits into
the Group. Employees can easily understand and participate in a common effort towards
company progress, with the understanding that quality is everyone’s business and that
client satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Group QHSE Policy

International standards are being broadened to cover Quality,
Health, Safety and the Environment. This is a reasonable and inevitable development as we
enter a new era of industrial progress. At CSO, we think QHSE standards make good business
sense. Our own QHSE Policy firmly commits us to these goals.
QHSE means demanding not only the best performance in all functions, but also requiring a
safe, healthy and injury free workplace even for the households and no environmental damage. These goals are just
as important as our other business objectives.
We also systematically ensure, monitor and record QHSE progress at all sites throughout
the Group. We pay particular attention to safe systems of work and homes that avoid accidents and
reduce risks to a manageable level, to full compliance with our client’s requirements, as
well as to the law and recognised best practice.
Our references are ISO 9001 (international standard for quality) and the DnV’s SEP
standards (international standards for management of safety and environmental protection
in ship operation).
We will continue to work together for more effective application of these standards in all
areas of our business.

Safe working conditions cameras pan/tilt positioner that are extremely useful. Security camera were installed to keep a watch on your home and family or even your most important thing on your businesses. Cameras like Pan/tilt motorized are ideal for commercial and public places. Would-be criminals are less likely to execute their plans once they learned that they are being watched, this will be a big use for the safety of everyone at home or in any public places and so it contributes significantly to lessen the number of crimes.

Products and services policy

The Group’s Manufacturing policy is formulated in complete
accordance with the Group’s Corporate policy.
We want to manufacture products and provide related services at competitive prices and in
step with market needs. This necessarily means unflagging respect for the security of
personnel, equipment and the environment.
We place great importance on objective evaluations and clear guidelines in working

– examination and attention to special needs of our clients,
– maintaining certifications – ISO 9000 and ISO 14000, BV/API type
product approval,
– respect for national regulations and high Group standards of Health
and Safety,
– continuing improvement in all areas.

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