Tips to a naturally pretty skin

Hydroquinone is the most important constituent of whitening creams and is also found in most of the bleaching creams. It is known for inhibiting the very synthesis of the compound known as melanin which is the main responsible for the darkening of the skin. On regular application of this substance, the production of melanin is almost stopped. But there are some environmental issues associated with the very usage of the compound. This is so because hydroquinone is not so environment friendly and even has been rated as toxic. Not even that, it can cause irritation at several important areas of the face like eyes and can even affect the lungs.

Hyaluronic acid works with the vital proteins-collagen and elastin in our body and helps our to skin remain Naturally Pretty and young, supple and vibrant.

Besides that, Natural oils also play a very positive role as ingredients in natural organic skin care systems. This simple criterion to look for in this regard is whether the oil clogs your skin’s pores or not. Like for example, mineral oil is absolutely unsuitable for your skin and does a lot of harm, as it blocks the skin pores and almost chokes them from breathing naturally.

The fragrance that is added to these creams, which certainly is not natural, is nothing else but result of some chemicals that tend to dry out after few minutes of the application over the skin and with that these cause the skin surface to corrode

There are some compounds that you should look for while getting yourself a whitening cream. One of these substances is nutgrass which is a plant herb found in India and has been used as a part of medicines since ages. It not only restricts the production of melanin but also inhibits freckles and thus provides you with fairer skin. Also there are many plant herbs which when put in a creamPsychology Articles, help you change your skin tone.

A good sleep is also important in keeping and maintaining good health and aids in beating stress. As a natural skin care measure, a good sleep delays sagging of the skin.

Beating stress is another natural skin care remedy. Stress causes total damage to the body and health. Drinking lots of water, getting sound sleep and getting enough exercise have already been mentioned as good stress busters. Treating yourself for a warm bubble bath while listening to music and playing your favorite movies are also good ways of defeating stress on body. Yoga was also another way of beating the stress.

In order to be categorized as organic, ingredients utilized in making an organic skin cream products should be grown organically, without using any  chemical on plants as well as ionizing radiation. With that in mind, you may begin to think what processes and/or chemicals are utilized in order to create skin care products that are non-organic? It may also get you thinking why skin care products which are labeled as all-natural and organic are quite pricey. Everything has to be 100% organic from planting, growing, harvesting, processing as well as packaging. This only means that the ingredients used for organic beauty products are carefully grown and chosen.

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